Efforts from Indian Government for diffusing BIM in AECO projects

This discussion among IBIMA members started on India BIM Association’s Social media platform designed for its members. One of the Indian AECO industry stakeholder, lets assume as “Member A” had a query on what are the efforts from Indian Government for BIM diffusion in Indian AECO projects, and “Members B, C & D” responded to his query. The discussions were very informative and this is an open discussion for any Indian AECO industry or academia members. Lets take a look on discussions that are informative.

Member A. Hi friends! Can anybody guide us about the efforts by the Indian Government  for BIM implementation in India?

Member B. Hmm… So Government under the CPWD, has initiated a program to train its staff (designing) in first attempt, which has been going on for two years now, but at a very slow pace. The plan is to extend this to all the regional offices of CPWD.

The digitization of Jaipur city being done for Rajasthan Tourism is in-fact based on BIM principles and process of Point Cloud to BIM. There are plans to use this digital model for future maintenance of these buildings including conservation activities. The PWD Bangalore is completely on BIM. The Military Engineering Services has attempted to implement BIM in some of the ongoing projects.

Member C. Nagpur metro rail is using 5D BIM. Here is one article from Times of India that showcases how Indian Government is working towards BIM. Article: Aim to spread awareness about BIM’s benefits: Expert.

Member A. Wow… Can you give more details?

Member B. Almost all the metro projects happening in India that are proposed and ongoing are on BIM. But Metro decision maker is not government but the Metro Governing Body – BMRCL, DMRC, NMRCL etc. The Karnataka Land Army was the first organization in Karnataka to adopt BIM; they used ArchiCAD 6.0. the current status unknown. Larsen and Toubro planned to adopt BIM on a huge dam proposed to be built on Ganges and is planning to do full BIM infrastructure on one of the railway projects. Amaravati City is to be designed using latest advanced 3D designing technologies. It doesn’t mention BIM though. The Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad uses BIM software for designing sets.

Member D. There are lot of real estate companies using BIM but that is only reverse Engineering, after finalizing their designs they use it for clash detection. BIM exists in India but not on a right path as of now. I think for better implementation of BIM, government has to make some strict guidelines along with the design of BIM standards for which Bureau of Indian Standards can definitely come into play.

Member B. Currently a lot of Developers in North India and Mumbai primarily have started using BIM extensively the right way. However,  one needs to wait for the results.

Member A. Thank you guys for the valuable information.

Note that, all these discussions are directed towards positive developments of BIM  in Indian AECO industry and Academia. If you like to provide further information or join the discussion, you are welcome to comment below.


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